What Can Autodesk Inventor Do? | Top 3 Alternatives Of Autodesk Inventor

What Can Autodesk Inventor Do?

In the earlier times, any infrastructure that needed to be built was earlier roughly sketched up on paper and then converted into reality. However, there were some shortcomings with this method as a 2D rough design could not depict exactly what was to be made.

With time, the process of engineering and structuring took a big leap, and online models were created that could show 3D instances of what was to be made in reality. Autodesk Inventor is CAD software that is developed to make the process of creating products easily. Below we have discussed what can Autodesk Inventor do to get a deep knowledge of this CAD program.

What Is Autodesk Inventor Used For?

Autodesk Inventor is an amazing software that is used by large infrastructural companies to create designs for their projects. It is one of the best software for contractors to help out in the field of architecture, design-making, engineering, construction, and manufacturing of products or buildings. It is also used in the entertainment industry today, to create hoax structures that cannot be originally used in films or advertisements, etc. Autodesk Inventor comes for a price of $5630 if a user buys its license for three years. One shortcoming of Inventor is that it can only operate on Windows Operating System.

It has today become one of the most preferable programs by professionals because of the features it provides to its users.

What are the features of Inventor?

Autodesk Inventorhas various advanced and easy-to-use features that to create 3D designs and other tasks without struggling much. Below we have mentioned some of the major features of Autodesk Inventor.


With ilogic enable rapid configuration

With the help of iLogic, Autodesk inventor allows you to enable rapid configurations. You can also quickly design structural frames and later test their feasibility. The designs may include a wide variety of objects such as sheet metal. Other various resources for the designing of various types of objects are required for construction or engineering. You can also check the fusion 360 discount code for a better working experience. 

Designing of the Product

Autodesk Inventor helps you to do the task of Parametric as well as Assembly modeling with great ease. You can easily create, edit and review your model and see how efficient it will be at different stages. It lets you focus on the accuracy of drawings so that any detail is not missed while creating the structure.

Collaboration with other people or software

Through the option of Shared view collaboration provided by Autodesk Inventors to its users, people can share their designs online, and consequently, anyone can review those designs or comment on how they would like it to be better. You can also easily convert 3D computer-aided models into Building Information Management models with the help of this software.

Simulations, animations, and visualizations

You can create dynamic structures with movements, speed motion and other factors of the design that are in your hands completely. You can also create visualizations and animations that can easily depict how your structure will work once it is brought to life. This makes assessing the quality and efficiency of the product or structure to be made a lot easier.

Management of data

Combine all your data into single file

You can easily combine all of your data into a single product file. This will make it easier for you to have access to it and to present it. You can also quite easily move, rotate or resize your designs and structures.


The best feature of Autodesk Inventor is the modeling options that it provides to its users. It provides various types of modeling activities for the creation of amazing life-like structures, such as

  • Direct modeling: This can ensure the direction of the model by using features like push, pull, move, rotate, etc. 
  • Flexible modeling: It provides tools like parametric or direct tools for modeling, which support you to create various types of modeling designs.
  • Freeform modeling: You are given a free hand in shaping your design by controlling its points, edges, etc. 
  • Mechanical layout design: It helps you create 3D structures for mechanical designs and structures.
  • Tube and pipe designs: These are important design types when we make engineering structures. Thus Autodesk Inventor helps you to create such designs with minute details and great ease.

Other tasks

Besides doing all these wide amounts of basic tasks that make model making an easy job for the contractors. Autodesk Inventor provides users with a wide variety of tasks such as Defining your model, creating unique shapes and designs. Also, a wide range of components and contents comes within its customizable library, for the assistance of the developer.

Therefore, Autodesk Inventor comes with a wide range of features and tools that assist the engineers or whoever is using the software. In creating amazing designs which are too good to be true, with as minimal effort as possible. Yet there is some other software that poses a challenge to its efficiency. We may now read about some other apps that you can use as an alternative to Autodesk Inventor.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Autodesk Inventor?

Many users find Autodesk Inventor not fulfilling their requirements, so they keep looking for Autodesk Inventor alternatives. You can find many CAD programs on the internet which claim to offer the best 3D designing and other tasks. However, not every CAD application offers what they actually offer. We have handpicked some of the best alternatives to Autodesk Inventor. Below are some of them mentioned.


It is software that is used for the creation of 3D computer-aided models. It is a free-to-use application that has the capacity to create objects and structures of any size possible. Its compatibility with Operating Systems is higher than Autodesk Inventor, and it is an easier software to use. Also, it is free-to-use software, unlike Autodesk Inventor which costs you a hefty amount for its usage.


It is easy-to-use modeling software that has a wider range of scope as compared to Autodesk Inventor. As it can be used by almost all spheres of people, and on more devices as compared to Inventor. It helps users to create 3D models with great ease.


Catia is a software that poses a great competition to Inventor, because of variety of features. It is software that is even costlier than Inventor. It is used mostly for creating Machine designs and designs for other similar products.


In the above discussion, we discussed what can Autodesk Inventor do. It will help you to know if Inventor has sufficient tools and features to fulfill your requirements. Furthermore, if you find Inventor not fulfilling your requirement so you can go through our list of Autodesk Inventor alternatives. We hope, we were able to provide you with sufficient information to make you confident while purchasing Autodesk Inventor.

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