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TechSmith is a US tech giant and is known for dealing in various kinds of multimedia software. It deals in over 9 kinds of software, all of them specialized for different works. Through the use of the latest TechSmith Promo Codes, a user can enjoy a huge price deduction while buying any of this software.

Is TechSmith Safe?

TechSmith is based in the US and has been offering its services since 1987. It has a very large user base of around 65M+ users, in more than 200 countries. This software is also used and recommended by most of the Fortune 500 companies. All these things show how safe TechSmith is. By using our TechSmith Coupon Code, a user can endorse the services of various software of TechSmith at much affordable prices.

Products offered by TechSmith

TechSmith has a wide range of multimedia software and below we have outlined some of its major software. The use of the TechSmith Coupons is applicable to all the below-mentioned software.

TechSmith Snagit

It is one of the most popular software of TechSmith and was the very first software launched by it. This software is designed for taking screenshots, editing them, and sharing them. Besides screenshots, it also supports screen recording and you can get your video extracted in various file formats. With the help of the Snagit Coupon Code, you can get this software at a very low price.

Major features of Snagit

  1. It lets users either capture the entire screen or a specific part of it.
  2. Users can capture either in horizontal or in vertical panoramic mode.
  3. Edit images in real-time by cropping them, adding texts, or adjusting filters, and share them with coworkers.
  4. Both on-screen and Webcam recording is supported. Videos can also be extracted in various formats.
  5. Capable of changing the font size, color, etc. of the image without changing the entire image.
  6. Supports the photo to video conversion.
  7. Comes with hundreds of easy-to-use templates that can be customized accordingly.

Price of TechSmith Snagit: The price of Snagit is just $49.99. By spending this amount, a user can own this software for a lifetime. 

TechSmith Camtasia

It is the most powerful tool provided by TechSmith and is used for recording on-screen activities.  This software can also be used for editing those recorded videos. You can get this software at a discount price through Camtasia Coupon Code. This software is best for creating tutorials, demo videos, how-to or instructional videos, etc.

Major features of Camtasia

  1. It comes with hundreds of video templates that can be freely used in videos. These templates are also customizable.
  2. This software comes with some amazing filters, transitions, and effects that can help in editing videos professionally.
  3. You can record anything appearing on the screen or can record a specific part of the screen.
  4. Supports both on-screen or Webcam video recording.
  5. Comes with an easy-to-use video editor. By using it, video can be created by just dragging and dropping the elements.
  6. Through this software, PPT files can also be converted into various video formats.
  7. This software can also help in creating the table of contents in the videos for easy navigation. Users can also add captions to videos.
  8. The use of audio files is also supported in the videos. Users can also add the voice in the video by recording it in real-time.

Price of Camtasia: Like Snagit, there isn’t any monthly or yearly subscription for Camtasia. The cost for owning this software for a lifetime is $249.99. Besides this, there is a bundled version of Camtasia and Snagit and costs around $274.99. The use of TechSmith Promo Codes is applicable on both of these versions.

TechSmith Knowmia

Knowmia is an educational software of TechSmith and can be used for teaching students online. With the help of this software, a user can create educational videos and can easily make them accessible for its users. The TechSmith Coupons are also accessible on this software.

Major features of the Knowmia

  1. A user can easily create videos either by recording them from Webcam or recording the on-screen activities. He can also swap between the on-screen video and Webcam in real-time.
  2. Users can use the existing or pre-recorded videos. Additionally, they can also use YouTube videos.
  3. For interacting with students, you can add MCQs, true/false, fill in the blanks, etc. into the videos. At the Assessment dashboard, you can have an overview of the points scored by students in these tests.
  4. Users can upload as many videos as they want without any limit.

Price of TechSmith Knowmia: This software comes with both monthly and yearly subscription options. The monthly subscription will cost around $19.99/per month whereas for owning it for a year, a user has to pay $199.99.

TechSmith Screencast

A screencast is an online data management service provided by TechSmith. This software can be used for organizing and sharing the various projects of Snagit and Camtasia with your colleagues.

On Screencast, a user can store up to 30GB of files. Besides this, it allows users to share a maximum of 240GB of files each month. 

Price of TechSmith Screencast: The pricing of this software is very low as compared to other TechSmith software and is just $9.99/month. By using TechSmith Coupons, you can also get discounts on this software.

TechSmith Audiate

TechSmith is not only limited to photo or video editing and also offers software for audio editing. With the help of this software, you can record videos, edit them with ease, and can save them in any file format.

Price of TechSmith Audiate: The annual charges of owning this software are $299.99. With the help of the TechSmith Coupon code, you can get astonishing price cuts while purchasing it.

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TechSmith User Support and Money-back

TechSmith provides amazing support to its users. You can contact it either through 24/7 chat or can submit a ticket. You can also ask questions related to the use of the TechSmith Promo Codes. Besides this, for solving minor issues like TechSmith login, you can have a look at its tutorial videos and blogs.

All the software of TechSmith is also backed with a specified money-back guarantee period. With the lifetime or annual plans, a user will be secured with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the other hand, the money-back guarantee with monthly plans will only be for 14 days.