How To Protect Android Devices With Kaspersky Internet Security?

If you’re using an android device then this article will be very beneficial for you. The rates of cyber-crimes are increasing day by day with new techniques & tricks. They try to steal your confidential passwords or try to hack your smartphones by putting malicious codes in apps. The smartphones & tablets are technically computers so chances are almost the same that you can become a victim of such crimes. There’re chances that you can use phishing sites, email scams, download malicious codes hidden in the apps & software. So to stay secure, you need to know how to protect your Android devices with Kaspersky Internet Security? So let’s begin this article & make sure that you don’t skip any part of it.

What is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Internet security for android(2)

Kaspersky is one of the biggest cybersecurity Companies providing wide ranges of security software for almost 2 decades. It provides great software to protect your android devices from online threats & frauds. It is the latest mobile security technology which includes anti-theft protection & android antivirus. It’s easy to use a one-stop solution that has the lowest impact on the performance of your devices. It let you have malware detection & protection, anti-theft, call filters, app lock & some more features. Internet security for android helps you to stay safe from online attacks. The company offers 2 plans in this software the free protection & premium protection.

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Features of Kaspersky Internet Security

Talking about it then it has impressed the users with its great features. Let’s have a closer look at the main features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security For Android(3)

  1. Real-Time Protection: This feature helps to detect & neutralize online threats, adware & apps that can harm your device & your personal data. This feature is available in the premium version, however, you get a scanner in the free version.
  2. Internet Protection: This feature helps you to stay from websites containing malicious codes & files by scanning these before opening them for you. This feature is available with the premium version only.
  3. Anti-Theft: This is another great feature where you can protect your confidential data & files if it has been lost or stolen.
  4. App Lock: It allows you to lock your private data. You can lock social media sites, your messages, gallery, settings & another app to help protect your privacy. This feature is available with a premium version.
  5. Call & Text Filters: This feature allows you to block calls from spammers by creating a blacklist. You can also block messages from unwanted parties.

Do Android Phones Really Need Antivirus?

If you know then you’re thinking absolutely right, the rates of cyber-crimes are increasing day by day. Android devices are being targeted first because you’ve many options to download 3rd party apps & many websites that send you to updates. There’re many 3rd party apps where you can download antivirus but who knows if you got hacked with that app. Maybe the hackers have put hidden malicious codes in the apps appear in front of you. So I don’t recommend you to download any antivirus from 3rd parties. My personal suggestion is to have a trusted antivirus that you can easily believe in its services.

Pros & Cons

I want to share with you for & against using this software so that you’ll get a clear idea about it.



High protection with safe browsing A URL filter is limited to chrome only
App locker & anti-theft Wi-Fi network scanner is not available
Call & SMS filters Limited features with the free version
Good user interface SIM card protection lacks
Free trial of the premium version
Price Comparison of Internet Security for Android

The price comparison table will help you compare the price & features easily so that you will not get confused.


Free Version

Premium Version

Manual Scan
Android Wear
Automatic Scan
Internet Protection
Price Free Starting from $11.99//year

Check out the latest price on

Final Thought

You’re using android devices no matter if it is a smartphone or tablet then must stay aware of online threats. You want to add a layer of security to your online protection but not sure which antivirus will be best. I personally recommend you to try Kaspersky Internet Security for Android because it gives top-notch security. The free antiviruses scan your smartphone after is the virus has entered your phone. With the Kaspersky premium version of Android, you’ll get a feature of real-time protection which scans for malware before entering your phone. Now it all depends upon you which plan you want to have in your security. You can also use the trial of the premium version to enjoy all features & know about it. I think this article on how to protect Android devices with Kaspersky Internet Security has helped in clearing your doubts.

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