Best Cloud Storage For Personal Use 2023

In a large country of thousands of people and almost all the people need cloud storage but, Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to select the best cloud storage for personal use in for people So if you are also one of those who has confused that which is the best cloud storage for personal use so you have landed on the right page because we are going to discuss top cloud storage for personal use. Let’s start with cloud storage for personal use.

Top  5 Best Cloud Storage For Personal Use 

  1. Google Drive
  2. pCloud
  4. DropBox
  5. Onedrive

Google Drive – Cheapest Cloud Storage 

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage for personal use in our list. It is simple, easy, safe, secure, and very private for storing any type of personal data. Google Drive provides you with the best and most secure access to your files and minimizes the risk to your device. Google Drive offers you high-speed, wonderful performance, and reliability. Google Drive provides you with the best cloud-native collaboration application for collaborating your data with your team members with Google Ai and search technology for helping your team members in moving faster. If you use google drive in so your all personal data is completely safe and in the right place.

Features of Google Drive 

There are some best and all the features of google drive given below that you must be aware of before picking any cloud storage for personal use.


If you use google drive then you will be able to share or collaborate your data like – files, documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with your team members, family members, friends, business clients, and so on.

Search Technology 

Well, for saving time for users Google drive offers a search technology through which you can check all the history like – finding files, whom you shared your data, who edited your data, or any type of activity that is done by anybody except you and many more to make it easier for all the users of Google drive.

Drop, Drag & Accessibility  

With this option, you can easily upload files and upload them anywhere or anytime by just using a mobile application of Google drive.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Google Drive offers you DLP by which you can prevent data while sharing sensitive information and personal information with anybody.

Access Offline & Integration 

You also get offline access for editing, viewing, and creating in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It also supports advanced tools with many software like Adobe, Salesforce, and more.

File Support Function 

There is a file support system in which you can get 100+ files including PDFs, CAD files, images, videos, and many more files.

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Which Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google Drive?

Read all the Ins & Outs of Google drive before picking Google Drive for storing your all personal data and sensitive information.

Pros of  Google Drive 

  • Compatibility with all platforms 
  • Quick file search 
  • Good user interface
  • File organization and management 

Cons of Google Drive 

  • File size limits 
  • Time taking for some activity 

Pricing Range Of Google Drive 

  • 100 GB monthly plan – $1.99
  • 100 GB yearly plan – $19.99
  •  200 GB monthly plan – $2.99
  •  200 GB yearly plan – $29.99
  •  2 TB  monthly plan- $9.99 
  •  2 TB  yearly plan – $99.99

pCloud – Best Personal Use Cloud Storage

pCloud is accessed by people in the entire world, it is one of the best and most secure or trustworthy cloud storage for personal use. It protects all the important files in just a simple action with the best security encryption for your important files on any device and hides them from other people. It is also available for desktop, mobile, and web applications through which you can do almost all the activities that are related to your data storage.pCloud is also very popular for storing data of business, most of the people those who belong to a business field that likes to store their data in the pCloud data storage.

Advance Features Of Pcloud 

When it comes to features sp pCloud is one of the best cloud storage for personal use and provides some advanced features that are useful for different activities in the cloud storage.

Management of Files 

For dealing with data, and managing files there is some functionality through which you can easily handle data effectively like search options, filter, and trash options to reach out to the files you want to deal with.

Data Storage Capacity 

If we talk about the data storage capacity, pCloud offers unlimited file size, unlimited upload, and download speed for users’ convenience.

Collaboration With Others 

With the help of the collaboration feature, you can do lots of things like – sharing folders, creating and inviting folders, sharing links, file requesting direct links for public folders with your team members and family or friends, and business clients.

Data Backup and Recovery 

If your device is stolen or lost in spite of that you can recover or take a backup of your data with the help of the data synchronization feature of pCloud.

Security Features 

For the privacy of users, there are many security features that keep your data safe and in the right place like TLS/SSL encryption, server-side encryption, client-side encryption, etc. There is an option of pCloud Crypto with which you can keep your most crucial files encrypted and password protected.

Accessibility and File Versioning 

By file versioning, you can edit files, and restore the previous versions of your digital collection from 15 to 30 days in Windows, Macs, Linux, and even mobile applications.

Pricing Plans Of pCloud

Pricing of pCloud is reasonable for the buyers if they apply an exclusive pCloud coupon code during the time of purchase. The plans of the software are as follows:-

  • Premium 500 GB monthly plan – $4.99
  • Premium 500 GB yearly plan – $47.88 
  • Premium Plus 2 TB monthly plan – $9.99
  • Premium Plus 2 TB yearly plan – $95.88 

You can use its services on a lifetime basis by using the pCloud discount Lifetime option. Via this, it cost $175 for lifetime cloud storage access.

Pros and Cons Of pCloud

You must know the Pros. and Cons. of pCloud that are given below.

Pros of pCloud

  • High-security protocol
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use 
  • File management system 

Cons of pCloud 

  • Extended File history 
  • Extra cost for pCloud Crypto – Cloud Storage For Personal Use

Sync is the cloud storage platform that was made to secure your privacy. It is a kind of trustful space to share big ideas, store crucial information and collaborate on game-changing projects with anybody. Sync connects your teams, partners, clients, customers, files, documents, computers, and mobile devices together so that everybody can work together on the same page. Sync is the platform where your data are completely safe and connected to cloud storage. Sync is used by millions of people throughout the planet. If you take a paid plan then It also offers a money-back guarantee with the option of changing plans or canceling them anytime. It has the best security protocols for the data privacy of users.

General Features Of Sync.Com 

Features are given below that are different from other cloud storage and make it unique from other personal use cloud storage. 

Admin tools 

For managing your entire team there are some admin tools such as  -1. administrator tools – for adding and removing users’ accounts, 2. management tools – for viewing activity logs, resetting passwords and logs, and many more, 3. Centralizing Billing – for all the users with pro-rated invoices.

Backup and restore 

It is very simple to protect your files from ransomware, hardware failure, and human error with the ability to roll back any file with real-time backups that make it easy to recover and restore deleted files. Sync also provides the function of archiving your files in the cloud for long-term storage for keeping your files secure and available for further years. 

Supported platforms 

Sync supports almost all the platforms Windows, Androids, iOS, Microsoft 365 integration, and other platforms as well to make it simpler for you to open, edit and share documents. It also permits you to open, preview, and edit your documents using the office desktop, mobile, and web applications. 

Transfer of  data 

You can easily send or receive all your data with your clients and customers with some special features of file portal capabilities with optional custom branding to put your logo on full display. And not even this you can also have controlled access to passwords, expiry dates, upload capabilities, email notifications, and many more.

There is no need to have any kind of software or account for getting unlimited data transfer with instant access.

Collaborate and share privately 

Sync provides you with enable team access to centralized shared folders, documents or files without any file server issues. You can also set granular user permissions for any activity. For keeping up to date there is an option of complete oversight with activity logs and desktop notifications.

Sync and offline access of files 

With this best cloud storage for personal use, you can access all your files from anywhere in the world whether you have an internet connection or not. It makes your work easy and available on any device like – computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

These advanced features of Sync make it very different from other cloud storage providers and not even this there are other unique features that can be helpful for storing your personal data or business-related data.  Sync is the best place to get all the data storage work done within one cloud storage. 

Pricing Range of Sync

There are two types of pricing ranges for individuals and for teams. You can buy any of them according to storage requirements or other needs.

For individuals 

  • The basic plan of Sync – Free 
  • Solo Basic plan – $8 per month
  • Solo Professional – $20 per month 

For Teams 

  • Team standard plan of Sync –  $5
  • Team unlimited plan of Sync – $15

Sync also provides you a money-back guarantee which means if you don’t like its services then you can cancel the subscription anytime or change the recent plan.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sync Cloud Storage?

See the pros and cons of this cloud storage that are useful for you to make a decision on the best cloud storage for personal use.

Pros. of Sync Cloud storage 

  • Options for corporations 
  • Simple and easy file restoration
  • Data privacy compliance

Cons. of Sync Cloud Storage 

  • Slow syncing
  • Limited support
  • No third-party app access

DropBox – Best Cloud Storage For Business   

Dropbox is the smart workspace teams, tools, and content that come together for working on the data. With the help of DropBox, more than 500,000 teams stay organized, streamline workflows and protect company data. It keeps your team productive and your data safe. All in all, we can say that this is the best sharing and storage solution for your business. It can be used for personal use, family use, business use, enterprise, and many more. It also has many advanced features that are helpful at the time of choosing the right cloud storage.

In the end, we can say that it is kind of an all-rounder in the field of cloud storage providers.

Advanced Features Of Dropbox

All the advanced features of dropbox that you must know before taking any decision are given below.

Flexible Storage Plans 

It provides you with flexible storage plans for different uses. You can choose storage plans that are more flexible and suitable for your data. 

File Version And Recovery

DropBox provides you with the function of file versioning and recovery by which you can easily recover all the deleted files and restore previous file versions smoothly.

Team Folder Manager 

With the help of DropBox, you can easily get visibility and control over the team folder for managing all your important files.

Dropbox Transfer 

DropBox offers you the function of DropBox transfer by which you can simply share your data with your teams, family members, and with your clients.

Automated Folders 

There is an option of standard naming, tagging, and sorting for shared folders to easily organize all the data and find them even within a couple of seconds. 

Remote Files 

If your device is stolen or lost so you don’t need to worry because by using DropBox you can do clearing files from lost or stolen devices to keep your personal data or business or company data safe

Link Permissions 

In the features of link permission, you can have many options like – secure passwords on your link, disable downloads, set expiration dates to grant temporary access, etc

Smart sync

If there is any need to access Every file from the desktop you can do this with just the help of hard disc space with DropBox. 

Admin Console 

Admin Console of DropBox provides you the feature by which you can easily use the insight dashboard to monitor team activity, check connected devices, examine the external sharing activity, and many more things that are related to data.

DropBox Paper

It is an amazing function of DropBox that is given by DropBox in a simple, powerful way to create, share and keep your teams in sync with the control of admins. 

Third-Party App Integrations 

For having connections with third-party app integrations DropBox offers you to extend the power of DropBox with over 300,000 connected third-party app integrations. 

Live Support

For resolving the issue of users of DropBox related to data storage and other queries there is live chat, phone, and email support that will help you in any case of solving your issues.

Online Backup And File Storage 

It backups up all your files and protects them with up to 180 days of version history and deletion recovery.

Team Collaboration 

There is an option to edit files together, change sync automatically, approve work, collect feedback, and manage data or projects with all the team members.

Administrative Tools 

For managing and handling all the administrative work there is a function of consolidated administration through which you can have a list of users, can manage your business account, centralized billing, team activity tracking, etc.

Security Features

In this era of digitization, DropBox gives you enterprise cloud security with centralized control over all your company’s files, sharing controls with permission, account transfer, lost device protection, user authentication with the best security functions of DropBox.

Dropbox Price Range Structure 

  • DropBox basic plan – free of cost
  • DropBox Plus Plan – $9.99 / per month 
  • DropBox Family Plan – $16.99/ per month

What Are The Positive And Negative Points Of Dropbox?

Have a look at the Pros. And Cons. DropBox will assist you in choosing the best cloud storage for personal use in.

Pros Of DropBox

  • Quick access
  • File support of all files like – pdf, png, pptx, mp4, etc.

Cons of DropBox

  • Sharing management issues sometimes 
  • Slow installation process 

OneDrive – Personal Cloud Storage

OneDrive can also be the best cloud storage for personal use because it is kind of an all-rounder in the field of cloud storage 

providers. Microsoft Onedrive is an organized, protected, and connected personal cloud storage. One Drive has amazing features for making the life of a user easier and safer. With the Onedrive personal vault, a user can store important files with an added layer of protection. OneDrive offers you an option for creating your best work like files on demand, and document scanning with the latest versions of Word, Excel, and other office applications.

Special Features Of Microsoft Onedrive 

These special features of Microsoft OneDrive will amaze you because it has some significant points that are functional for any user of cloud storage.

Unlimited Access

It supports almost all the platforms and for the convenience of users, OneDrive provides you the features of unlimited access with which you can access unlimited files anytime or anywhere from this planet.

Organizational platform

For saving the valuable time of users OneDrive gives an Organisational platform for files by which data and files can be organized in a better way and could be found whenever it is required.

Securely data storage

There are many strong security protocols for the digital privacy of a user that assists to keep your data out of danger and storing files or any private information guarded with the best security system.

Shareable content with teams 

Whether you have small, medium, or large files, by using this best cloud storage for personal use you would be able to share content with your team members, family members, friends, business clients, and so on.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft Onedrive?

Have a look at the Ins & Outs of Microsoft OneDrive that will be useful for you to choose the best cloud storage for personal use.

Pros Of OneDrive 

  • Great auto-syncing
  • Trusted and secure 
  • OS supporting
  • Amazing for personal use and business as well.

Cons Of OneDrive

  • The slow downloading speed for big files
  • Sometimes Errors are shown
  • Random Issues on and off

Price Structure Of Microsoft Onedrive

All the range of price is given below.

For personal data storage

  •  1 TB Plan  – $5 user/month
  •  Unlimited Plan – $10 user/month

For business data storage

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan – $5 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan – $ 12.50 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan -$ 20 user/ month

Conclusion – Best Cloud Storage For Personal Use 

There are many other cloud storage providers but we have emphasized only the best cloud storage for personal use. These cloud storage providers keep your data guarded with a strong security protocol for your digital privacy. We hope after going through this article you must be able to pick the right cloud storage for your personal and business use. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Cloud Storage For Personal Use 

Which Cloud Storage Is Best For Individuals In?

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage are best for personal use to store the data of individuals.

Can Canadian Data Be Stored In The Us?

It might be possible that the data of Canadians to be stored in the US.

Does Google Drive Have Canadian Servers?

Google Drive is putting efforts to build Canadian servers so that sensitive information can be within the country.

Can You Ask a Company To Delete Data from?

Unfortunately, Canadian laws and rules don’t permit me to ask a company to delete my data.