Why Is Free VPN Bad? | 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Free VPN Anymore?

Is free VPN good? This is one of the biggest questions that many users might wonder about. Well, various free VPNs assure to protect your privacy by ensuring you obscure your browsing history. It is a good idea to save some money by using a free VPN but it can cost you more than you realize. Free VPNs can provide services to users but they usually have bandwidth limitations while paid ones don’t have any boundaries of VPN service. There are lot more issues that one might face with a free VPN.

Through this article, we will try to find out why is free VPN bad 2023 by highlighting all those major issues.

Why Is It Dangerous To Use Free VPN?


Free VPN providers are always in search to make a profit by using hidden methods and tricks. Their strategies are not only risky and deceptive but entirely illegal too. Free VPN service costs their users nothing it may sound tempting but the fact is free VPN provider will turn their profit in some other way usually with invasive ads or selling users browsing data to third parties.

Here we have mentioned 5 major reasons why is free VPN safe to you that you must check before subscribing to a free VPN service:

Free VPN Providers Can Trace And Sell Your Browsing Data

This is one of the biggest issues linked to the use of free VPNs. A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a great way to protect your internet from snoopers and spies. However,free providers can track your browsing history and collect a huge amount of data. Even in some cases, many free VPN service providers are funded to sell user’s browsing history to third parties. So, this can really be a threat to your privacy and even many hackers can use this information for doing various cybercrimes.

They Can Allow Others To Access Your Connection

VPN doesn’t intrinsically maintain your privacy and provides you anonymity. Many free VPNs contain malware, adware, viruses, trackers, and other cybersecurity threats. It can be used in cyberattacks by stealing the data of the users. ICSI researchers have found that 72% of free VPNs infix third party systems in their software, this allows them to collect personal data and sell it for earning profit to the tool. This shows that why is free VPN bad as they can prove to a threat to your privacy.

Free VPN Can Inject Ads While Browsing

Like the old saying, “if you’re not paying for a product; you are the product”. If a VPN provider gives services for free it means it will recover all its cost from you in some other way. Free VPN service providers either earn profit by bombarding ads or by gathering data and selling it to the highest bidder. If a VPN is showing ads while browsing the web then there is a large possibility that it might sell your data to third parties. Besides, some ads shown by VPNs are also malicious, and clicking on them may inject viruses or malware into your device.

Free VPN Services Can Slow Down Internet Speed

Free VPN users may also experience slow Internet speed, uncertain connection, and outdated encoding. This is an obvious issue that you might face with a free VPN. For prioritizing the paid users, free VPNs usually slow down the connection speed. Some even throttle your data connection if they find you doing activities that require heavy data consumption.

Free VPN Can Limit Data Usage

For luring more and more users, free VPN promises to provide interrupted gaming or browsing experience. But once you subscribe to them, they only provide a fixed amount of daily or monthly bandwidth. Like Hola Free VPN provides 100 MB daily bandwidth whereas TunnelBear provides only 500 MB for monthly usage. Using such kinds of VPNs can prove to be frustrating especially while doing some important work.

Using a free service is beneficial until it starts getting benefitted from you. Here, we have mentioned the 5 major reasons why is free VPN bad. Below, we have also discussed the benefits of using a paid VPN service.

Advantages Of Using Paid VPN

Advantages Of Using Paid VPN

When users invest in paid VPN services they don’t need to compromise the protection and security of their data or personal information. There are some major benefits that one can get by option for paid VPN services:

  • Complete Security: You can get 100% security as the paid VPN  provider can get a profit from the subscription plans purchased by you. Paid VPN services provide a zero log policy so it is not possible for them to collect or share data with third parties or government agencies. 
  • Uninterrupted Streaming: If you use paid VPN you can experience high-quality streaming. Many paid VPNs allow you to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC player, etc. These services cannot be accessible in free VPN services. Paid VPNs also throttle the bandwidth of users.
  • Faster Connection Speed: Free VPN slow down the internet speed and block bandwidth but in Paid VPN internet speed is not affected. Users can browse effortlessly without complaining about internet speed. Paid VPN services will permit accessing maximum data without any limitations.
  • Great User Assitance: Customer support is one of the most important factors especially when there is a technical product. You may not be served with customer support in case of free VPN services. But, paid VPN gives customer support through various methods that can help you a lot.

Why Is Free VPN Bad: The Bottom Line

Here, we discussed various reasons why is free VPN bad for your phone, iPhone, or any other device. But, at last, we like to say that using a VPN for free is not that bad at all. If you are not concerned about privacy or want a VPN for one-time use then you can think of using a free VPN. There are also some trusted free VPN for Hotstar that can provide a secure streaming atmosphere.

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