Kaspersky Total Security Vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2023 | A Detailed Comparison

Kaspersky is a well-known & well-established cybersecurity Russian company in the world. It offers basically 3 types of security software for different users & according to their needs. Kaspersky Antivirus for basic users, Kaspersky Internet Security for internet users & at the top Kaspersky Total security with high-level security. All three options are good for users & it all depends upon them what they want to have. I’ve seen many people got stuck while choosing Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security. Although both of them are good enough to detect & remove almost all the viruses & protects you from online threats, there’re still some differences. So in consideration of these confusions today I’m going to compare Kaspersky Total Security Vs Internet Security. This article will help you in clearing your doubts between two, which protects you better & why should you choose it?

Kaspersky Total Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security: An Overview

Before heading towards the comparison of Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security, lets have an overview of these two antiviruses.

What Is Kaspersky Total Security?

As the name total security suggests that it’s related to the full online security of you. It is the most advanced & extreme solution for your online protection. It’s a top-level plan offered by the company ion security software.

What is Kaspersky total security

Let’s have a quick view of some of the best features of this antivirus:

  1. All features of Kaspersky Internet Security: Includes all the features plus some additional features.
  2. Data Backup: The software has the ability to back up the data so that you can never have to worry about your most important files.
  3. Password Manager: This feature allows users to remember only one password in multiple locations with high security. Also, it helps you to provide suggestions over the strength of your password.
  4. Kids Protection: This feature allow users to track their kids with GPS wherever they are. This is the most advanced feature, especially for the parents.
  5. High-Tech Protection: With these features, you get advanced scanning options & zero-day threats.

What Is Kaspersky Internet Security?

It is generally for the users that use the internet at a high level, either to read confidential emails or having personal data. Internet security is considered to be the best option for those whose downloads are more main work is on the internet & want more security over the internet.

Kaspersky internet security

Let’s have a quick view of some of the best features of this antivirus:

  1. Safe Online Banking: It allows you to do safe online banking
  2. Parental Control: This feature slows you to restrict websites & full control over the screen of your kids.
  3. Anti-Hacking: Protects you from hackers, cyber-criminals & prying eyes.
  4. Free & Secure VPN: With this feature, you’ll get a free & secure VPN with a daily limit.
  5. Key-Loggers: Helps you to protect from key loggers activities that aim to protect you from the hacking of your confidential passwords.
  6. Ads Blocker: This feature allows you to protect yourself from ads that you don’t want to see.

Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security: A Comparison

Both of these security software apps are good enough to protect you from online threats but let’s compare them. Based on some of the factors I’ve compared them on some of the factors & it’s from my personal experience.

Kaspersky Total Security
Kaspersky Internet Security
PurposeIt’s all in one security package designed to protect you against complex online & offline threats.It’s basically designed to help you protect yourself from online threats.
SpeedThe speed of scanning & deleting threats is very fast & is capable of detecting complex threats.The speed of detecting online threats is almost equal.
PerformanceThe performance of this antivirus software is at the top.The performance of this antivirus software is relatively less.
Security & PrivacyAs the name suggests it covers full & total security at the top level.It provides a relatively equal level of security.
FeaturesIt has some additional features that internet security doesn’t have.It has some good features without additional features.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android & iOS.It is compatible with windows, macOS & android.
PriceThe price is obviously higher for this plan.The price is relatively less.

Total security v internet security

Do I Need Kaspersky Total Security or Kaspersky Internet Security?

This is the most important question that comes to mind while choosing from different plans. They offer 3 plans but when choosing from internet security & total security you can get confused. The main reason for the confusion is because of the features & benefits that both the plans have. Let me try to help you out from this confusion.

Who should choose Kaspersky Total Security?

  • Those who want to have top-notch security.
  • Those who are very conscious of their online security.
  • Those who want some additional features before the internet security plan.
  • Those who have enough budgets to purchase this plan.

Who should choose Kaspersky Internet Security?

  • Those who want a medium & good level of security
  • Those who work on the internet are very important & confidential.
  • Those who want to upgrade from the Kaspersky antivirus plan.
  • Those who have a good budget as compared to the basic plan.

So I hope you get the idea of why & which plan you should consider while buying. After all, it depends upon the user only, according to the needs & requirements him.

Conclusion – Kaspersky Total Security Vs Kaspersky Internet Security

Here we did a detailed comparison of Kaspersky Total Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security. The overall conclusion of this article is that both these plans protect you better without compromise. It’s a type of investment that you’ll make & don’t want to waste your money. However, both these plans are good enough & provide an almost equal type of security. But on the other, the top plan is always better than the lower plans. So if you want to add top-notch security & want an extreme level of security then you should definitely go for the top plan. I hope this article on Kaspersky Internet Security Vs Total Security has helped you in clearing your doubts & confusion.