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The password manager is a great technology that allows users to generate, store & manage their personal passwords for online services. A password manager helps you to generate a strong password in the encrypted form by creating a master password. You just have to remember only a single password to login through multiple sites which is your master password. Sometimes there’re chances that you’ve created an account on a website but unfortunately, you had forgotten your password. You even don’t have enough time to reset your password or it might get hacked by the hackers. The hackers have misused your password by buying new clothes or transferring money from your bank account. In these cases what will you do?  So today I’ve come up with a solution to overcome this problem with Kaspersky Password Manager.

What is Kaspersky Password Manager?

Kaspersky offers a brilliant technology of Password Manager which helps you to make your password protected & even more secure. It also provides you with a digital vault where you can save your passport, credit card, and other important documents in an encrypted form. With its password manager, you got 2 plans, free & paid where you can add up to 15 passwords. Kaspersky is one of the best cyber-security Companies that’s providing online security services for almost 2 decades. It lets you generate passwords, gives suggestions over password strength & has a digital vault.

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Password Generator

Features of Kaspersky Password Manager

There’re many great features which you’ll get with Kaspersky Password Manager, so have a look at these:

Features Of Kaspersky Password Manager(3)

  1. Security: The most important feature of a password manager that you get more security in protecting your passwords.
  2. Auto-Generated: This feature allows you to give suggestions of passwords plus tells you the strength of passwords.
  3. Auto-Login & Privacy: Another great feature that saves your time by auto-filling your password. This is also a very useful feature when you’re in the crowd & fear of leaking your password from prying eyes.
  4. Digital Vault: This feature allows you to have a digital vault where you can put your passport, license, credit card & other confidential documents.
  5. Advanced Features: It alerts you if you have a duplicate password which can leave you vulnerable. It also alerts you to avoid passwords from phishing sites.

Is Kaspersky Password Manager Safe?

These types of questions came out in the market from 2017 when Kaspersky got involved in some allegations of data-stealing. However, the Company has denied all these allegations and is again coming in front to gain the trust of its customers. Over 400 million users, this is not a small number of users that Kaspersky has of their software. The answer to this question without thinking is definitely yes & all the products & services of Kaspersky are safe to use. The company neither steals your data & not even pass to any 3rd party company. It gives you top-notch security & privacy so to protect you from online threats.

Is Kaspersky Password Manager Free With Total Security?

Kaspersky offers antivirus software & at the top is Total Security which offers many great features. One of them is a password manager which is absolutely free with total security software. However, you have certain limitations with a free password manager plan like you can add up to only 15 passwords. If you want to use full advantage of it you can have it by paying a certain amount.

Kaspersky Password Manager Pros & Cons

Besides you buy it’s very important to share with you the pros & cons of Kaspersky Password Manager. Let’s have a look at some of the main:



Makes your passwords even more secure by suggesting password strength Limited browser option
Password Generator No 2-step authentication
Auto-filling option No secure password sharing
Easy to use
Free With Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Password Manager System requirement(4)

How Much Does Kaspersky Password Manager Cost?

The price of the Password Manager is pocket-friendly, one can easily add this security feature for its protection.

Paid Version Unlimited Devices 1 User Account $14.99/Year


The rates of cyber-crimes are increasing day by day & people are becoming victims of these crimes. You don’t want to be a victim so to protect yourself you’ve to add an extra layer of online security. Perhaps you are sure that you have a strong password but what’s the guarantee that the website has been hacked where you’ve your account. In this case, you must use a password manager to have a good & strong password. I’m using Kaspersky Password Manager because I trust this company for many years. They provide top-notch security to provide & protect their users from online threats & hacking. Now it depends upon you whether you want it to secure yourself or waiting for the prying eyes.

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