Top 10+ Best Free Video Editors For Video Editing Online 2023

We live in an age in which almost everything burns down to seeing is believing. The exponential rise of social media and video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo have resulted in a surge in demand for unique and high-quality videos. From businesses to individuals, videos cater to different needs. While the video’s content remains of utmost importance, its presentation is also a significant factor. Unless what you are showing to the audience looks appealing, not many people will be bothered about what it contains. Hence, if you want views for your videos, they must be well-made.

There are too many aspects to making a good video. However, to make it more engaging, proper editing is required. There are many online video editors out there that will do the work. This article discusses more than the ten best online video editors you can use to edit your videos quickly and easily.

Top 10+ Best Free Online Video Editors for Video Editing Online

You will be surprised by how many interesting ways you can edit your videos and how different they can be made to look from the original. Here are some of the best online video editors that are beginner-friendly and absolutely free.


FlexClip is yet another efficient online video editor that even beginners can easily use. After signing up, you will gain access to its huge library, which boasts 2.5 million stock images and videos, categorized under business, holiday, background, food, sports, and more. Not just that, but FlexClip also allows you to choose from a wide collection of templates for your videos and options to add texts to the sequences using various impressive fonts and effects.


This video editing tool provides users with the advantage of a video compressor, webcam recorder, video converter, and other editing tools. Another advantage is that it is possible to complete video editing in a very short time. The simple mechanisms of drag and drop, crop, trip, flip, and rotate videos allow faster and uncomplicated editing. On Clipchamp, you can do a lot more without paying a penny. Adjust your videos’ brightness, contrast, and saturation, or add to the background, text, overlays, etc., instantly from a range of options.


InVideo online video editor requires you to create a free account with them to get started. Once you have signed up, you can access an array of features on the platform to edit your videos. You can run the editing work on any computer, and it is not a prerequisite to have a heavy-duty laptop for the task. Its intuitive platform helps you select from various templates, filters, effects, and much more. You will be able to trim your videos, adjust the specifications, or add text or voice-over. Its easy-to-use features are a dream for beginners. If you feel lost, you can always turn to the tutorials for better insight.


WeVideo is unique, and apart from the primary features, such as trimming and rotating. It also allows you to use markers or add video callouts, static text, elaborate backgrounds, overlays, and frames. In addition, it is a shared video editing platform. You can upload files from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer and edit directly on its platform, taking advantage of its in-built stock images, videos, and audio.


If you are making a video for explanatory or guiding purposes, PowToon is the website you should turn to. It offers a pick-and-drop editing style, which makes the video appear as if they are a digital version of common crafts, consisting of paper cut-outs against colorful backgrounds. You will need to sign in to access the huge collection of templates that suit different requirements, such as infographic videos, marketing videos, presentations, or video ads.

Video Toolbox

It allows the user to edit videos on its vast editing platform and provides an analysis of the video, including its resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and codec. Furthermore, your video files can be converted to more popular formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOV. Even if you are dealing with a large file (up to 1500 MB), you can easily edit it on the Video Toolbox platform. It is possible to merge video clips and crop or edit them without much difficulty using sophisticated editing tools.


With a wide selection of transition effects, Kizoa allows you to edit professional-level videos with ease. You can work with different aspect ratios, and the platform can handle footage with a resolution up to 4K UHD. You can perform a range of video editing tasks on this platform with the help of its numerous animation and special effects tools. Likewise, your videos’ size, timing, and position can also be adjusted with this online video editor.


This one serves you many video editing needs, whether you require a video meme or add subtitles to your clip. You can also add audio and video loops and merge video clips, photos, and GIFs. Uploading a video file on the platform is very easy, or you can paste the URL to start editing right away. Besides the regular editing duties, you can modify the video output to different aspect ratios, such as 1:1, 16:9, or 9:16.

Hippo Video

It is mainly a video marketing platform where you can also edit your videos for free. You will get all the basic editing tools here, such as cutting, crop, trimming, resizing, adding text, callouts, and emojis. However, the upper limit of the size of clips that it can support is 500 MB. Moreover, many video formats are also limited to MKV, MP4, 3gp, Flv, and MPG. You can import the videos you want to edit or use the Hippo Video platform to record the desktop screen, voice-over, and webcam. Moreover, Hippo Video doesn’t leave a watermark on your video clips after exporting.

Online Video Cutter

This video editing platform is not limited to cutting videos alone but offers other useful features. You can crop, rotate, and even apply beautiful professional-level editing styles to your videos. After the editing is complete, you can save the output video in its original resolution or at 1080p full HD. In addition, this video editor can support up to 500 MB file size and lets you convert your videos to different popular formats.


This website offers a range of video templates for creating animation, marketing, and explanatory videos. You can use its drag and drop mechanism to edit the sequence of an animated video. You can upload images in .png, .jpg, and GIF along with backgrounds and audio files from your computer and use them in your video apart from the website’s stock images. Video allows you to choose from an array of templates and enables the user to select different aspect ratios.

Conclusion – Free Online Video Editing Tools

However, before we go, it must be remembered that not all free online video editors have the same features as paid ones. Some free video editors might offer free trials, but you could be prompted to upgrade to a paid version to try out the more advanced tools. Also, some others would put a watermark on your video clip at a 480p resolution. Some free video editors that do not leave a watermark include Online Video Cutter and Hippo Video. Nonetheless, all the websites mentioned above are great for beginners and suffice for the on the go video editing requirement.