FamiSafe vs Bark 2023 – Choose Right Parenting Software?

Nowadays there are multiple apps in the market by which you can keep an eye on your child’s online activities. But you are confused among them to know which one is better to have. So don’t worry we are here with the comparison of Famisafe vs Bark. They are both considered the best parental apps. Here you can differentiate them on the basis of features, price, and much more. So keep reading this guide and find out which one is the better parental software, Bark or Famisafe.

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About FamiSafe

In the FamiSafe review, we can say that it is considered the most reliable parental monitor device. It lets parents track the real-time location of their children. It helps the parents to detect whether their children are on the right website or watching inappropriate content. With the help of this app, you can browse your child’s browser history and can check how much time they are spending on them. You can even restrict the time limit of your child through this app. Parents set the bed hours so that youngsters go to bed on time. It is best at multiple screen time restriction tools.  

About Bark

The bark is a monitor app founded by entrepreneurs Kai Feller and Andrew Michael in Nov 2014. This app is built with the aim of finding advantages to get work done easier and more efficiently. This app will let you monitor 30 plus social networks even without intervention from your side. The app sends you alerts whenever your child accesses things that they shouldn’t. The bark is available on both Android and iOS platforms, hence suitable for your smartphone or iPhone. Recently it is ranked 6th in Tech Track 100 awards which shows its efficiency. You can get a review of Kaspersky’s total security for the safety of your device.

Features Comparison: FamiSafe Vs Bark

When it comes to features comparison between FamiSafe and Bark, there are various points where one edge over another. Let’s take a glance over them where Bark has won over FamiSafe and vice-versa.

Features comparison of FamiSafe vs Bark
  1. Screen-Time Management:

Screen time provided by both of the apps is kind of the same. Using these features you can get to know how much time your kid is spending on a particular app or at a website. You can even restrict the time limit by using them. At FamiSafe you get a detailed report on a weekly, monthly basis. 

2. Real-Time Location Track:

When it’s come to real-time location tracking, most parental control software has this. Bark’s real-time location is somewhat useless because the real-time location takes permission from kids. So it depends on the child if he wants to share the location or wants to hide. But while using FamiSafe you will get updates just by looking at the app.  

3. Web-Filtering:

FamiSafe has an advantage over Bark when it comes to Web-Filtering. It provides various sub-features in it like App Blocker, Filter Websites, Activity Records, Uninstalled apps, Suspicious images block, social monitoring, and much more. 

4. Geofencing:

Geofencing is the major oversight. It is used to define an area safe that you consider for your kids. Provide you alert if your kids cross that particular boundary. 

The bark doesn’t provide this feature but FamiSafe does.

5. Social Media Monitoring: 

Both Bark and FamiSafe provide Social Media Monitoring. Bark provides support over a wide range of platforms. On the other hand, FamiSafe is kind of sensitive to words used on various platforms. You may also lookup for Norton antivirus for better security of your device.

Price Differentiation Between Bark vs FamiSafe

When it comes to pricing, FamiSafe and Bark both have their own merits. If we talk about FamiSafe, it is known for its affordable pricing. There you will get various subscriptions that will suit your requirements. There are time-varying subscription plans from monthly to annually. The monthly plan is $9.99 costs, the annual plan is $4.99, and the quarterly plan is $6.66. With the help of the FamiSafe coupon code you can make massive savings on this software. Whereas, using Wondershare promo code can help you to all the products offered by Wondershare. The number of gadgets monitoring will depend on the chosen plan. 

Now if we talk about the Bark Subscription pack then there are majorly two options that you can opt for: Premium and Jr. Premium plan costs $99 annually with features like a full suite of monitoring and much more. On the contrary, the Jr. plan costs only $49 annually, which is much more affordable than the premium pack but contains fewer features than that too. It contains only screen time monitoring, location check-in features, and web filtering features.

Bark vs FamiSafe: Pros & Cons

After comparing the features and prices of FamiSafe vs Bark, let’s take a glance at their benefits and drawbacks.

Pros & Cons of Bark

Advantages Of BarkDisadvantages Of Bark
It can monitor a wide range of social media websites. You can block phone calls and text messages even if you can’t intercept them.
It improves the relationship between kids and parents as monitoring is acknowledged by the kids.There is no Geofencing available at Bark.
You don’t need to set up individual settings for devices as it ensures coverage to all devices at homeIt doesn’t reveal contacts and does not provide in-depth detail of social media accounts.

Pros and Cons of FamiSafe.

Advantages Of FamiSafeDisadvantages Of FamiSafe
Geofencing & Real-time location is among the best features of FamiSafe. Through this feature, you can track the safety of children and can set a safety limit for your child.It doesn’t have a keylogger.
App Activity Feature is a kind common among parental control apps. But here FamiSafe has an advantage over them in its vitality. It doesn’t contain call and text monitoring features.
Having an advanced algorithm, there is a suspicious photodetection feature in it as well. Its parent dashboard is not that user-friendly.

Conclusion: FamiSafe Vs Bark

Both FamiSafe and Bark are best at their work. It totally depends on the feature which is more useful to you. As there are many things common between them but on the other side has advantages over one another. If you want geofencing location tracking features then FamiSafe is the best option in that part. But if you want an app that reaches more websites and covers many platforms Bark is best suited for them. FamiSafe vs Bark has a different price range, so choose wisely as per your requirements.