Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2023 | Is Avast Cleanup Premium Good?

With time, a device starts functioning below the expected level. This mainly happens due to the cluttering of files, excessive junk storage, or fragmentation of disks. There are some software programs out there in the market, specialized in resolving such kinds of issues and Avast Cleanup Premium is one out of them. By doing Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2023, we will analyze the major features of this software and will check is Avast Cleanup Premium good.

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Avast Cleanup Premium Review: Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup is considered one of the top software in this industry. This is mainly due to the amazing benefits and features provided by this software. Below we have outlined a detailed review Avast Cleanup Premium features.

Optimization of Hard Disks

One of the foremost reasons that might be slowing down your PC is the fragmentation or cluttering of the hard disks. Avast Cleanup comes with a tool named disk doctor.

This tool is capable of identifying the issues related to the hard disks. Additionally, it can resolve these issues by re-arranging the file paths which can significantly result in faster startups, page loads, etc.

However, it doesn’t work on encrypted files, disks, or partitions. In this way, it also helps in maintaining your privacy.

Cleaning of space

The volume of junk or other residual files increases. This mainly happens due to:

  • Your device’s operating system creates cache files for current operations
  • Files left behind while installing programs
  • Cache files created by programs, etc.

The storage of all these files results in the blockage of your disk space. And this adversely impacts the health of your device.

However, Avast Cleanup Premium is capable of tackling all these issues. For rectifying the space-related issues, it runs deep scans. Although, these scans may last for a long time (even up to 24 hours). But the best part is that you can simultaneously do your work while the scan is running in the background.

Reducing Power Consumption

There are various kinds of apps installed in a device like:

  • Apps that are used rarely
  • Preinstalled apps/manufacturers apps/bloatware
  • Apps that automatically start running in the background.

These apps not only consume space but also exhaust a large part of the battery. This results in faster battery drainage along with slowing down the PC.

Avast Cleanup Premium supplies a tool that can identify these kinds of apps within a few minutes. Once identified, it will seek permission from you for removing these apps. Besides this, it can also put these kinds of apps to sleep and they will only run when you want them to use.

Cleaning Registries

If you are facing frequent system crashes then there is a possibility that the problem lies with your device’s registry. A registry is the most sensitive part of a device as most of the system files are stored there. Cluttering of registry can result in displaying of error messages or crashing of several programs.

Avast Cleanup Premium can help you in getting rid of these crashes as it has expertise in solving these kinds of issues. Besides this, it will also keep a regular check on your device’s registry.

Ease of using

It is very easy to start working with the Avast Cleanup Premium. This software comes with an attractive-looking UI (user interface) with all the major tools on the main dashboard. 

Avast cleanup premium user interface

At the center of the main dashboard, you will find the health of your device displayed in percentage. Below that, you will find four options named Maintenance, Speed up, Free up space, and Fix problems. At the top navigation, you will find options for the Latest notifications and the Menu.


Using outdated software is one of the worst things that one can do. Outdated apps not only impact the device’s health but also lead to many security threats.

Avast Cleanup provides an auto-maintenance option to its users. By enabling this option, it will automatically:

  • Keep a check on your device health
  • Update the device OS
  • Check and update the various programs/software to their latest available version

So, in this way, it helps in enjoying the latest version of various apps along with avoiding security-related threats.

These are the major features provided by this software. We also analyzed some Avast Cleanup reviews of its users and almost all of them were happy with this software. However, before making a verdict, let’s have a look at the cons of Avast Cleanup Premium for knowing the areas where this software lacks.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review: Limitations of CCleaner

In the above part of this Avast Cleanup Review, we discussed all the positive points about this software. However, so now in this Avast Cleanup Premium review have a look at the points where this software lacks:

  • It doesn’t provide any free version whereas its rivals do.
  • The deep scanning mode of this software is time-consuming.
  • When automatic maintenance is enabled, it sends too many notifications.
  • No version for iOS devices.

Device compatibility of Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium can be used on both PC and Smartphones. The operating systems of the PC to which it is compatible are Windows and Mac. When it comes to smartphones, you can use it on any Android device. There isn’t any version of this software for iOS devices.

Is Avast Cleanup Premium free?

By initiating this Avast Cleanup Premium review, we found that there isn’t any Avast Cleanup Premium free version. For using the services of this software, you will have to spend some bucks.

Avast Cleanup review

However, there is an Avast Cleanup Premium free trial version that a user can try before purchasing the paid version. This version comes with some restricted usage and will be valid for only up to 30 days.

How much does Avast Cleanup Premium cost?

Overall Avast Cleanup is nice software but its pricing structure seems to be disappointing. There are two annual subscription plans for this software.

The first plan of the Avast Cleanup Premium costs around $34.99 for one year. This plan includes only one Avast Cleanup Premium license file that will work only with a Windows device.

Plan 1Plan 2
Costs @44.99/yearCosts @34.99/year
1 user license10 user licenses
Only work with WindowsCompatible with Windows, Mac, & Android

The second plan includes 10 Avast Cleanup Premium license files and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.

From this, it is clearly visible that they are pushing users to go for the second plan. So, it is only recommended to go with this software only if you want to secure more than one device.

Do I need Avast Cleanup Premium?

Whether you need Avast Cleanup Premium or not totally depends on how your system is doing. If your device is performing well then you may not require this software. However, if you are struggling with device performance then we strongly recommended using this software.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review 2023: The Bottom Line

From this review Avast Cleanup Premium, we tried to find is Avast Cleanup Premium good. By analyzing its various aspects we found that this is amazing software. It is capable of improving a device’s performance to a great extent. However, its single-user license is quite expensive. So, you are recommended to opt for this software if you want it for a large number of devices.

And for securing a single device, you can opt for CCleaner, which is its prime rival. You can also have a look at Avast Cleanup vs CCleaner comparison for finding how these two software programs differ.

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